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Got my new Daystate MK4....BUT!((PICTURES)))

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***meant to post this here***Well just an update, found out on the Daystate Owners Club that the sweet spot pressure is 175 bar for the MK4. I will try to keep it around there. I decided to clean the barrel with a piece of string trimmer line and a patch moistened with Clenzoil. The barrel felt very rough and the patch came out rusty! It took me about 10 patches to finally get her cleaned up. Now when I pull a patch through it, it feels glass smooth. Accuracy has improved as well. Now I'm scared to put it away until I pull a patch or two through it as I don't know if the rust was a result of sitting at AoA or the moisture my FX pump is putting in it. Is this normal guys? Don't know much about the whole PCP thing yet. The interesting thing, that I'm not used to is, my sight picture and impact point of the pellet doesn't change much from 10 yards to 50. This thing is shooting pretty flat. I have not shot it yet beyond 50 yards. 18.1 grain JSB jumbo heavies at 830-850 fps seem pretty deadly. These are the pellets that AoA has selected so I bought 6 tins. Am I to assume that shooting Kodiaks in my 350 to calm her down is the same reason they selected 18.1 grain .22s? Do you guys lubricate your pellets? By the way, really happy with the Hawke Sidewinder 30 6-24X56 scope, however, I've left the illuminated reticle turned on overnight three times now. Very easy to forget it's on.



Nice!I'm jealous!

The stock on that gun is just amazing!


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