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Got my new Daystate MK4....BUT!((PICTURES)))

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Recieved my new Daystate MK4 on Tuesday, only to open it up and find no pump! So, I can't shoot it. I looked at the included invoice and it was on there, just not sent. I called Airguns of Arizona and they were very surprised that I didn't get it, even confused. He couldn't believe that in my 30 pound shipment, there was no pump. He even went back to the shipping area and weighed all that he shipped and came up with 26 pounds without the pump. But ironically, he didn't pick the exact same stuff. I had 6 tins of JSB Exact heavies which were 10 pounds by themselves. I went home and weighed all my stuff and it came to 30 pounds without the pump. I called them back and they said they would ship a FX 4 stage Two-Day delivery. I came home from work pump. I called them again and he said it accidentally got shipped standard ground and it's scheduled to be here next Tuesday. I guess I'll keep wiping it down till then. Pretty crappy though, I think since the pump never got shipped, that he should have followed up to make sure it got sent Two-Day but he didn't. Nothing like spending $2500.00 with someone and I can't seem to get what I paid for...

I'll keep you all posted.



That's not the first time I've heard complaints similar to yours about AoA. They've got some fantastic AG's that I'd love to order, and since they're the sole distributor of many AG brands, it's like you're locked in with them.

Still, because of hearing things from folks like you about them, i'll probably never take the chance.

Congrats on the new AG, sounds sweet!

Not to start a dealer bashing, but this kind of thing is exactly the reason I won't deal with AoA unless I absolutely have no choice.  Because they are the exclusive distributors of some pretty fine guns, I think they've gotten too much like the old Ma Bell: "We don't care, we don't have to!".  Fortunately, this sort of attitude is self correcting, pretty soon NO ONE will buy from them, and they either really clean up their act or go out of business.  And frankly, either one works for me, with perhaps a slight bias towards the latter :-).  Later.


I completely agree with (Daved). Iv'e had some bad experiences with AofA. I won't do anymore business with them until they clean up their act.

Larry :)

love to see some pics of your new gun


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