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Rules and Target for 50 Feet Casual Rifle Match

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It seems like this match has been a bit lost for about a year....took me awhile to find the rules again this morning.

I would sure like to see it catch on..  This distance and position freedom could
really be fun.

If we could get this listed on the Shooting Matches page, maybe more shooters would be aware of, and try this match.

Hope others will give it a try.

I have the targets printed, and when the guns get back from the shop, i will be shooting em up.


This looks come I've never looked into this. Looks like I'll try to get some shooting done before the 26th. Thanks for the great target link and for re-introducing these self-matches. Very Cool.

Semper Fi......from a squid.....'72 -'76

Just posted this target on this link,

Anyone else  ???


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