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JTS Airacuda .30 vs Umarex Gauntlet 2 .30

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--- Quote from: Back_Roads on May 11, 2024, 08:05:37 AM --- Let me toss this in the mix, I have mine tuned for 10 shots at over 100 fpe.

--- End quote ---

I looked at the AEA but all I saw was mixed reviews on quality control, no parts availability, a shot string like a cliff and hard to find an accurate projectile.


I have a Gauntlet 30SL side lever and I'm VERY impressed with the accuracy, power, and shot count I get from it.  The only things I've done to it is a little trigger work and added a GOOD moderator on it.  As delivered, the trigger left alot to be desired, but it uses the old QB style trigger and is very easy to work on.  Also, unmoderated.. it is LOUD.  I had initially added a cheap buck rail moderator on it, but it hurt the accuracy.  I believe the power that the gun is making was overwhelming the printed moderator.  I replaced it with a much nicer (although more expensive) unit from Silent Thunder and haven't looked back.

My only remaining complaint is how HEAVY the gun is.. I generally just shoot it off the bench, but my original idea for it was coyote hunting in more populated areas.  I'm going to outfit it with my new PARD IR scope and try it, but with the weight and LONG overall length, I'm not so sure that it will be a good fit for hunting.  I would definitely buy again though.  I found a crazy good deal on mine at buds guns shop online.


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