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Monstrum Marksman Prism Scopes Review


While looking for a sight for my Notos, I tried several different scopes and then stumbled onto prism scopes and was curious but they are too expensive. Then I saw the Monstrum line of prism scopes that are around $100. I've seen some of Monstrum scopes and they are ok, but nothing special, so I didn't have much hope. I ordered from Amazon so I could return it if I didn't like it.
Well, the first is a Marksman 3X with the circle dot reticle. I read the specs, 5.5-6" eye relief, lighted reticle, so ok, I'll give it a go. It arrived and first look showed it was pretty darn clear and bright at all distances. As most know the dot is not like a red dot, so no astigmatism problems, as the dot is crystal clear. Illumination is perfect with absolutely no bleed, and plenty of adjustment. It's just barely visable in sunlight on high, but that's not what it's for. You need the turret caps or a coin to adjust the turrets. I've love to have finger turrets, but hey, you can't have it all.
On my Notos, I was amazed at how handy that little dandy sight is. From 5yards to 40yards, I've figured out the dot hold over/under and can hit golf balls and pop cans at almost any distance mentioned. It makes for a super fun plinker, and believe it or not, using the correct bullseye, I've shot some super groups. These appear to be of a bit higher quality that Monstrum scopes for sure.
After using it for a while, the 3moa dot is very good, but I decided to order a Marksman with the DX1 reticle, which is almost the same as the circle dot, except the circle is replaced by a segmented box around the dot, and the dot is now 2moa, but honestly I can't tell much difference. The second Marksman is just as clear and bright and both hold zero fine. For airguns, shooting from short to medium range, these are fantastic. You should give one a try, on the Notos, they're more fun than any other sight for plinking.

 Glad you find them useful also, a few of us have been playing with prisms for a little while now also. Link to a thread where it kind of started.


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