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User "Ashdavidj09" = scammer


I've emailed the admin, to ask about his IP and activity. 

Ashdavidj09 replied to my WTB ad by PM, asking to send me pics by email. 

The email offered word-for-word the same rifle from a Classified ad at airgunnation, from 2021
The email included pictures from the same ad (including serial number)

The email address and name are called out on the "Stop Forum Spam" site as IP addresses from Nigeria, scamming on other forums:

This user has also pulled the same stunt before, here on this forum:

Thanks for the heads up. Nice research.

 I am on this gentlemen,  for all who read this please do not respond to someone with 1 post responding to a WTB ad. David  Rocker1


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