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Looking for recommendations for a scope and mounts for my HW35.  I can't really use open sights any longer.  Looking for quality without going crazy stupid on price.  My range is limited
to 25 yards.  Thanks for any assistance.   

You may want to give this model a look-see & mounted with Hawke tactical 2 piece medium rings.

This model was not yet available when I purchased the 44 mm scope.

Robert 5mm:
Good springer rated scope = Hammers
And not expensive - $65 on Amazon

Hammers 3-9x32AO Air Rifle Scope

Link is not working ?

Mark 611:
That or a LEEPERS BUG BUSTER, I have a 3x12x32mm coming tomorrow, the side focus model, less than 200 to the door! I purchased rings separately, included in the price, I have a few HAMMERS scopes, yes, they work! but they don't IMO, focus up well, or have as clear as an image as good as the LEEPERS scopes! I also hear complaints about the longevity of the HAMMERS optics, so far mine have worked, but I don't have thousands and thousands of pellets thru them either, I've had some LEEPERS scopes go bad over the years, but they have a lifetime warranty to original purchaser, I have used LEEPERS scopes for a lot of years, on my air guns, and have been very happy with them!!!! ;)

 IIR Hammers offers a warranty also ???


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