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AEA Zues Tactical Chassis Package Complete

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Hello Everybody,

First AEA Zues tactical chassis package complete in 6061 aluminum.  Package includes AR stock and grip compatible chassis, picatinny rail, barrel band, and self timing muzzle brake.  More to come.


Well done!

bear air:
Amazing work. Do you have a website? Welcome to the GTA.

Thank you all for the kind words. This package was designed with ergonomics and function as the priority to provide adjustability by selecting different accessories. The possible combinations for a build are quite large. The package will be outfitted to an AEA Zues at the Northeast Airgun Classic this week and displayed by Bin from the Pellet shop and Joe from Predator International. A website link for the package with price will be posted soon.


I was lucky enough to put hands on that chassis.  I was so impressed that I'm getting one.  My Zeus is a very nice shooter, but lacking with the bad cheek weld.  This chassis makes a world of difference.   Here's the website...

Go check it out.  I hear the chassis' will be available very, very soon.  You do have to source your own grip, buttstock, and buffer tube.



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