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Carnivore PCP .30 cal


I understand that a lot of folks here are bench shooters, but I’m not. I get more kick plinking from the shoulder, I enjoy pesting from the shoulder and I often hunt for small game/medium game on the fly (so to speak) without the time/setting to set up a bench, drop to a bipod. Maybe a shooting stick would suit me but I’d need it telescopic.
             I would like to get a little advice on attaching a rail to the underside of my carnivore, about six inches closer to the trigger guard. I’d likely do this while removing the action in order to modify the hammer spring, as this would give me access. What would you propose vis a vis attachment method? Resin, epoxy, set screws? All three? None?
I don’t intend on yanking on the "dang" thing, I’d likely use a skeletalized Foregrip like the “modern tacticool” ones found on AR’s and M-series rifles.

Find a extended rail that attaches to the existing lugs ( not sure what they are ) on the bottom of your stock... Mount it backwards toward your trigger.. Found out it is a picatinny rail on the underside of your stock..


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