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Revisiting the Recluse

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 I finally got around to testing some new 89gr. ammo I cast, 2 years ago ??? LOL Still have another one to go, but this is my start.
2900 psi low power
686, 679, 692, 706, 723, 720, 731,751, 755, 752,773, 160 bar,  780, 794, 150 bar, 786, 140 bar, 770, 130 bar, 788, 782, 773, 120 bar, 764, 110 bar.
 Nice sweet spot in the curve from 160 - 129 bar. Next is to see if I can make up the 100 fps by using high power for the first few shots.
 I may squirrel between this and my AEA .303 Challenger in a separate thread, as I am setting that up with a THOR Lt thermal.

Looks good to 120 even.

Coyote gun?

 Yes Coyote may be sniffing around the farm after blood was shed last week, and a 1/4 mile long scent trail was created moving the body to the burial sight.

Nice. Fingers crossed.

 Saw a coyote on my way home from work, was getting twilight, it was making a run from one section of woods, across a fild then the road, into another 80 acre fields before the next woods, good size one, thought it was a small deer at first, as I saw a heard of them a few miles earlier. Make note bring guns next time lol.


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