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Seneca wing shot 2 power tune

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Conner holifield:
Has anybody power tuned a Seneca wingshot 2? I'm interested in getting a heavy hammer spring for it.

The African Air Ordinance Kit for a Single Tube Dragon Claw should also work in the WingShot II since the only internal  difference is the smooth bore barrel

Conner holifield:
Jeremy with African air ordance said the hammer and spring won't work that comes with it.... Im wanting a smooth bore .410 barrel for my XP badger then I could definitely turkey and duck hunt it has a lot of power

Yeah Jeremy said there out of kits, And are coming out with new and improved kits in a few months, I can defiantly tell the power difference with the kit of my 909,, Was looking for a AAO kit for my other 909 lite hunter. They are easy kits to install and drill' The old kits comes with all you needed to boost it up, Good clear instructions. Be ordering the new kit when it comes out.

TSS penetrates like crazy and throws tight patterns.  Load up some #7 tss in a capsule and get back to us.  You will be pleasantly suprised.


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