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Just Pulled the Trigger - Hammers 3-9x40AOMillDot Scope 1Pc Mount $65

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Tom, here is the recoil mount I am using on a Hatsan

A.K.A. Tommy Boy:

--- Quote from: Back_Roads on December 02, 2023, 07:30:10 PM ---Tom, here is the recoil mount I am using on a Hatsan

--- End quote ---

Thank you James. 

Wow...what a coincidence.
SteveP-52 just e-mailed me today with this self same information.
He has both these and Diana Bullseye ZR scope mounts.
He suggested going with this one too.

Best Wishes - Tom

I have a couple of those scopes/mounts.........  great setups  :)


A.K.A. Tommy Boy:

The Hammers 3-9x40 AO Mill Dot Scope with 1PC mount arrived this afternoon.

It was boxed well and in good working order.

Best Wishes - Tom


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