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--- Quote from: naptemp on November 10, 2023, 10:24:39 PM ---My last springer is a Daisy 1101s which I bought for $25 plus tax from Walmart a few years ago.
It shoots well for a springer, about 1 inch at 20 yards with random pellets.
I will keep it forever, to remind me how bad springers are compared to anything else.

--- End quote ---

  Cant compare a daisey 1100 to any other springer that thing is everything a airgun shouldnt be, all springers are not made the same. David

  Excellent point. I had a Win1100s in my cart a couple weeks ago but man i couldnt press the order button knowing there are a few others out there that i Want,,, and im low on room for More Airguns.. XD
 Ok. Recently ive seen on Ama zon dotcom the Ux Airem 2 for 72 dollars, and the GamoWildcatWhisper .22 for 98 dollars. I have these two models and i can say they are worth every dollar to me. If i didnt already have these two i would be jumping on that OrderButton. Also the UxRugerExplorer .177, low power Spring Piston break barrel for 97 dollars on Ama zon dotcom.
 Anyone can add to this thread if they find any good deals out there on breakbarrel air rifles.


"Also the UxRugerExplorer .177, low power Spring Piston break barrel for 97 dollars on Ama zon dotcom."


accuracy is great, easy to cock. grip take a little getting used to. I have the Ruger version too, but prefer this one. IMO best $100=ish gun out there

 The Ux Embark and the UxR Exlporer appear to be the same action with a different color stock and different barrel. But same im sure.. i have a Embark that ive had for more than 3 years, still shooting good after a couple thousand pellets.
 When the AG was new it had a very long trigger travel, but now it has short travel that is predictable. I shortened the Embark from 16.5" barrel to 11.5". With CPHP 7.9gr i get around 485FPS. Fun little AirGun.
Excellentwork dan_house



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