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The judgement side of me rules! [sinister gaze]

My D48 T06 in T05 era stock courtesy of GTA, the K98 slug springer, Akela with Hawke optics, highly modified green on black buckrail standard fold and holosite quiet Sortie, Dragonfly mk 1. And a backup D48. All .177. They survive the worst of my wrathful side.

What airguns do you know survive your wrath? [foolosophically speaking]

Hoppalong Doc:
       WRATH!  Indeed I'm never violent with my much loved ones.  It is I whom is at fault, not they.  Indeed! Orv

It happens ,heart break. My Hatsan 99 has a barrel lock lever  I had it at the small bore club last night and despite being a Hatsan I was dialing it in when something fell out . The lever broke off  I doubt that I will be able to get a replacement part in NZ if any where so some patient work with file and drill might be required. Not tomorrow because I have village rabbit control duties to maintain   I don't use the Hatsan much but I had, notion that Hatsan was robust  Bunkum, no more robust than any second tier gun. I shouldn't be but I am, or feel urinated fairly closely past . Not sure you are allowed to say,well you know what  .

[chuckling] got a little carried away last night.

Started thinking what would happen if I did my best to subject all my rifles not to physical harm but to the argument that I do not need them. To negative judgment.

I do something like this when deciding to thin the herd. I assert that none of the guns are necessary and see which ones prove that assertion false without doubt.

I seem to have landed on the d48, k98, akela, sortie, and dragonfly as guns that without a shadow of a doubt disprove the assertion that they are unnecessary.

Anybody else go through this when thinning the herd? It's heartbreaking, but also liberating to home in on the guns that are a part of you in a way and letting the others go.

My EdGuns and Crosman pumpers remain free of blame and fault.   I can't be mad at my Shin Sung Ultra since the company no longer exists.

The rest get stinkeye is there is any misbehavior.


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