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Reported By PyramydAir - Regulations are Changing and We Need Your Help. URGENT


Hello all. 

I saw this post from PyramydAir and wanted to bring it to the attention of the GTA.  Buried in a bill passed at the end of December is a line that changes how all rules and enforcement of "none powder" guns are handled.  I wanted to share the link to the video so folks can take a look and decide if they would like to help address the issue.  There is a link in their video where you can submit an opinion to the committee that's taking responses. The time is URGENT, with only about 1 week to respond as a community. 

Here is the video link:

IMPORTANT - PA did NOT ask me to post this to the GTA.  I found it and have posted it as we are a large group that could have a voice is we choose to speak as ONE VOICE.

If you would like to read further into the matter visit:



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