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How many shots to get tight group again after a barrel cleaning

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Hi everyone one of my 22 cal 18.52 grain pellets shoots a vertical group
of about 1" at 20 yards after a good barrel cleaning and i have found i needed
to fire about 7 shots befour it would again shoot this pellet through the
same home after cleaning.Is this common ? My slug load i can clean
the bore and then only need to fire one shot with them to get them back
into a one hole group again.I guess it depends on the pellet right ? ty

Just cleaned my RAW's barrel yesterday, I do this after each 500ct tin of pellets. Sometimes it's the same POI sometimes it's a slight vertical shift, today while shooting, it was a slight vertical shift in POI.

Thanks Randal my cayden with the hn barracudas after a good barrel swabbing will
Shoot first three shots verticle into an inch at 20yards then shot 4 5 6 7 will group
Around them then shot 8 9 10 11 12 will all go through the same hole i shoot 20 yds
As thats all the room i have at my place lol

In my experience, how long it takes for the POI to stabilize after a cleaning has more to do with the barrel than the pellets.  Some settle down after a pellet or two.  At the other end of the spectrum, I have a .177 LW barrel that I thought I had somehow damaged the first time I cleaned it.  The first 10 pellets were all over the place.  20 pellets, no better and I was getting a sinking feeling.  Then somewhere around 30 pellets it was back to normal.  Now I apply wax after cleaning and it stabilizes after 2 or 3 pellets.

In my scenario, it depends on the brand of pellets.  Guns that favor JSBs settle after a dozen or so.  Those that favor H&N about the same shots.  The Crosman airguns that favor RWS (all of them) settle in fastest- 3 shots- but under the disclaimer I shoot mainly RWS pellets out of them. 

I have some Fenix pellets that are very soft; though they aren't the most accurate, they seem to speed up barrel "seasoning".


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