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What is the correct way to shut down a compressor?

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Does anyone have the facts in what the correct way to shut down a compressor during a fill cycle?

Should you start bleeding air before you switch it off or can you just shut down and bleed off? Obviously bleeding while filling a tank is a problem as your hard earned air will start to escape while you frantically bleed, shut tank valve then turn off compressor. 

Obviously with guns having a check valve that is easy, but is it even neccessary for the longevity of the pump to run this procedure?

Robert 5mm:
I only fill guns from a YH and I follow the U-Tube video that I 1st watched a few years ago.

1. Have both bleed valves open when turning on compressor.
2. Shut both bleed valves at same time and fill to pressure.
3. Open both bleed valves at same time, then turn off compressor.

I guess one could fix up a foster fitting ( check valve ) inline to the front end of an inline filter to work as a tank check valve.
But then you would have figure out a bleed valve on the filter and line.

I just fill to desire pressure (tank or gun with non autostop compressor), shut the compressor off and close valve if filling a tank then bleed the pressure off the line.

If you think this is a bad way of doing it than please explain to me how it's done with an autostop compressor....
the compressor stops when it reaches it's preset goal. Then you bleed the line (or close the tank valve then bleed the line) and disconnect.

I just shut the compressor off then bleed…Yong heng…no issues to date…a couple years


Auto stop, close tank then bleed compressor, I leave the cooling system on for a while also..


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