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Forum Slowdown === bots

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You have a serious Bot problem. Without even looking at the current list of IP Addresses of Guests, I can tell you probably have a massive number of content scraping bots.


1. Look at the list of ip addresses of current Guest Users, and sort them.
2. You'll find large blocks of IP Addresses with sequential or close to sequential numbers.
3. Pick an IP address from these blocks and Google them. Changes are they will be listed as bots.
4. Add these blocks to your htaccess file to block / DENY them access.
5. Add this guy's script to your htaccess file also:

Having 300 guests users accessing this forum at any given time is evidence.

Some of these bots will use the built in search function and that will bring the database to its knees.


I never knew that was the reason.

Madd Hatter:
I've been blaming my crappy Internet.😡

You may be right but, 280 guests is great for the ratings.   :o

 Its being worked on  now. guys  David


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