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Advice On Keeping Or Getting A New PCP

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Eddie B:
I've had a Umarex Gauntlet .22 for three years and it has less than a tin of pellets through it.  It's on its fourth bottle because the first three wouldn't hold air.  Umarex replaced each of them. On the fourth bottle,  in order for it to work, I have to screw it all the way in.  Which means the gauge and fill probe aren't in alignment for the shroud to go on.   At this point, I've lost confidence in Umarex's quality.  Is there a way to fix this?  With two kids in college, an FX isn't in the budget.  However, thinking of cutting my losses and getting something else.  It's another entry level regulated PCP, but anybody here have long term experience with the WOOD stock version of the Air Venturi Avenger? Any other suggestions for a regulated PCP?

I would give Haji try first before throwing the towel. He specializes in Gauntlets and maybe able to fix yours. At least give him a try. Good luck.

Sell and get something higher up the ladder

Hey Eddie!
 I have read through your post and I am certain you and I can get your Gauntlet working as intended. First I would suggest that you degas the rifle and tighten the bottle all the way in, then loosen the bottle so the fill nipple lines up with the first opening, left side or right side but it must be whichever comes up first, then fill the rifle and try again. This procedure is detailed in your owner's manual for reference.

To help me diagnose any other regulator/bottle issues it would be most helpful if you could post a photo of your Gauntlet from either side that shows the regulator and bottle interface to the Gauntlet. A photo with the bottle shroud off would be even better.

As for leaks, am I correct in my understanding that Gauntlet number four has no leaks? If there are leaks, please describe what you have tried thus far to narrow down where the issue may be.

We will get you there, trust me  ;)

Eddie B:
Thanks! I'll do it later on today, will also locate the owners manual.


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