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ATN X Sight HD II 3-12x questions.

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Picked up this scope in a great deal with another member (thanks James) and I have a couple issues that are more likely me than the scope. I tend to miss small details.   :-\

First off.. the firmware update...
The current firmware revision is  xsight_1_8_08_352.bin
The latest firmware revision is  xsight2_2_1_07_779.bin

The procedure is supposed to be to copy the file onto the micro sd card and power on the scope. The scope is supposed to prompt me to update the firmware. This does not happen. The scope just goes into it's power up routine as normal. I know the card is good because I've saved pics and videos to it and saved some of the setting changes I've made. I've watched every video I could find  and I can't see me doing anything wrong.

Next is the wifi link to my android tablet or android cell phone...

I've d/ld Obsidian 4 app for the android from the ATN sight and google play and installed on both devices. I can see and connect to the scope through wifi with both devices... however, it shows that I am connected with no internet. But the Obsidian 4 software will just not bring up the scope. It just keeps saying "device disconnected".
Anybody know what I'm doing wrong? I was hoping the firmware update would resolve the issue because it.s an older unit. The older version of Obsidian will not run on either device.

I can do everything else with the scope that it's supposed to do.

Oh yeah, one more issue...
No sound on recorded videos. I checked the setting and it's set to "on".

Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
I donít recall the procedure for doing the firmware update on that scope, but it should be covered in the manual somewhere.

The Obsidian 4 app does not work with the model scope you have, download the other Obsidian app.

You may be able to initiate the firmware update through the app.

As for the audio not recording, that may be fixed with the firmware update.

 This looks detailed ???

 What I did for mounting a battery was Velcro it ti the scope or gun area near the scope.


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