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Parallax Error of Leupold VX Freedom

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I get that this will be moved to the optics gate, but wanted "initial visibility" --- please give it a few hours on this gate?

My other post criteria looking for a scope included AO (or side focus), lifetime warranty, low power, and etched reticle without IR. Now that I've looked and find the only scope that impressed me all-around was Westhunter with short warranty period, It's obvious I'm going to have to compromise.

Leupold VX Freedom line seem hardy, boast clear glass (presume etched reticle), but the ones fitting my budget lack AO.  I'm considering the 4X28, 2-7X33, 3-9X33 ($3-$400 price range), as opposed to the WestHunter Optics HD 4-16x44 FFP Riflescope, 30 mm Tube First Focal Plane at $179.

That said, I find virtually no information on how much parallax error to expect at any range save for the 60 yards they seem to be adjusted for.

Comments said the 2-7 will provide clear sight picture at close-in range at lowest power, but very poor DOF there. None of the three Leupold scopes have information how close they will focus and what the expected parallax error will be at closest focus range or other various ranges you would expect to see for a pellet rifle or .22 PB.

I'd prefer not to be the guinea pig here and buy all three knowing I can't afford to keep them ... so any 1st hand comments would be very appreciated!

P.S. I was initially considering the Bushnell Engage 3-9X40 at $102 + shipping on Amazon, but I am leery because I own two Bushnell scopes and find them large, heavy, clunky, and overall unimpressive. One was 50% markdown at WallyWorld, the other a thrown-in with a used airgun.


For low power airguns that are expected to hit small targets, I insist on scope parallax being adjustable down to 10 yards/meters.  On a more powerful platform, being off by an inch or two on a larger target may not matter.   Official airgun targets are small, and so are vermin noggins.

I suspect that the forum has people qualified and / or experienced to quantify your parallax error question.  I will see if I can invite such a person to the party.

Moved to the Optics Gate.

Sorry, I can't quantify parallax error.... but you can test it yourself.... Set the scope up rigidly, look at your target and move your head side to side and/or up and down as you look through it.... The distance the crosshairs move on the target is the error that can occur on shooting....

The better your cheek weld, and the more consistent you place your head on the stock, the less parallax will bother you.... If your smallest target is tin cans, and the scope parallax is set to 60 yards, it may not be an issue.... If you are trying to hit the head of a squirrel at closer range, that can be problematic if you can't adjust the parallax....


There's formulas for maximum parallax error. I believe it has to do with magnification and objective size. Parallax error doesn't really have to be an issue. As long as your eye is centered in the scope there's no parallax error.

I use a Hawke 4x32 Vantage with a 100 yard fixed parallax on my HW50 for squirrels. I shoot the gun from 10 to 100 yards. It'll stack pellets into a single round hole at 10 yards where parallax should be the greatest. I love this gun/scope combination.

The effects of parallax error is way over emphasized.All you have to do is train yourself to consistently look down the center of the scope. Your eye is centered when you get an evenly edged sharp vignette. You should always center it anyway but after consciously doing it a while it'll become second nature.

As far as the Leupolds go i can't help you. I imagine they would be clear at 15 yards or less at low power. My 100 yard Hawke 4x is clear at 11 yards out. I also have 3 2-7x32 non AO (100 yard) Hawke Vantage scopes on powder burners and they're focused under 10 yards on 2 or 3x.



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