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tx 200


I have been loosing velocity down to 770fps with 177 cp 7.9 pellet with the fac model. So I stripped it down for a re lube and seal change.When I pulled the o rings out of the breech the transfer port came out with the rings. I always thought that it was a one piece drilled into the end comp nut,But not so.
Should I lock tite it back in again and do you think that is why I was loosing velocity, I have ordered a new spring Thought it was that. Steve!

Hopefully someone will chime in on a fix.  It looked like a press fit, when I de-greased everything.  Air would bypass around the tube if loose and decrease fps. 

Loctite 620 is made for this application but not sure if it would work.

The TX200 transfer port is indeed an interference (press) fit, and replacing it using a dab of locktite should keep it in place.


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