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Gen 5 ATN X-Sight 5-25X Scope Review

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Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
I received the replacement for the X-Sight 5 I returned due to so many issues.  The replacement arrived today and while it's better than the first, it still has issues that need fixing!

I was able to zero this one after mounting it to my Huben K1.  But, the RAV function still doesn't work and it won't calibrate, so I'm not able to use the 240 FPS record speed.

I did manage to get a video from this one.  Here's a quick clip of a shot at a rat recorded at the 120 FPS speed.  Resolution is 1440p compared to the 4k Pro that records at 1080p at the 120 FPS speed.  IMO the 4K Pro's focus and resolution is clearer that the new Gen 5!

I also noticed the audio isn't working either.  I'm still not that impressed.  I'm going to play with it a little more and will reah back out to ATN to see if they have any suggestions on getting RAV and audio working, but at this point, it's probably going back for a refund!

Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
Well, ATN is sending me another RMA. They want me to try one more and if it's not working as advertised, then they will issue a 4th and final RMA for a refund.

There were fewer issues this time, but still issues. This is a summary of what I found with this scope:

1. RAV does not work.
2. RAV Calibration does not work, i.e. the circle around the number does not blink and it does not record velocity. Also, there is no reticle on screen when in RAV Calibration mode. This seems somewhat dangerous since you canít pinpoint POI. There is a reticle when calibrating the RAV on the 4K Pro.
3. Audio is not recorded with video when recording in 1440P and 4K resolutions. It will record audio in 2K resolution. (see samples below)
4. The internal screen is very low resolution making it extremely difficult to focus, especially in daylight mode.

Before I boxed it up, I did a 3 quick videos of the 3 different resolutions. Here they are for comparison"

This is 1440P at 120FPS. All were recorded at 10X Zoom and the shots are taken at 37 yards.

This is 2K at 60FPS. This is the only resolution that captured audio along with the video.

This is 4K at 30FPS. This is much clearer than the other two, but what I see on the screen inside the scope is roughly equivilent to the resolution you see on the 1440P recording. It makes it very difficult to get the best focus because it's never really in focus, regardless of the resolution it's set at.

Maybe the third time will be a charm, but I'm not holding out too much hope!

With that many issues and returns I would be of how long it would last.

Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
The 4K Pros had a rocky start as well, but they got the bugs worked out of them and they are a very stable scope now.  If this next one still has issues, it will go back for a refund and I'll wait till they have the bugs worked out and offer them as refurbs.  The 5-20X 4K Pro I have is a refurb and have had zero issues with it.

  I have an older ATN I want to kick to the curb, might need another update LOL  ::) still doesn't make the buttons work in the cold.
 I got lucky with my Thor LT thermal only to do one return to get a good refurb, Same time I got a $160.00 China special, and hey it just works, no bells or whistles same as Thor LT. but just day/ night optic.


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