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Scope Mount Replacement Recoil Pin

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F/V Icy Swan:
I have some scope mounts that came off PCP rifles with holes for recoil pins but no pins.  I would like to use these mounts on springers but can’t find info on what size pins I need or where to get them.    Anybody know a source for these pins?


Mike you're missing a lot of helpful info. What brand? and are they threaded?

I've added recoil pins to rings that didn't come with pins by drilling the appropriate hole for a rolled spring steel pin like Sportsmatch uses. You can get the pins and drill bits from any good hardware suppliers like McMaster Carr.

You could easily do the same with rings that have a threaded hole already. I'll look for the bag of pins I bought for the size after breakfast

F/V Icy Swan:
 Bayman, you are correct. I was short on info.  The mounts are FX No Limits.  They are for a 1” tube and came off a PCP.  They have threaded holes in the base. I bought the gun with the scope and mount.  They did not come with any pins.

I do have SportsMatch mounts and I like them. This all started when I went from a Williams peep sight on a HW35E to a scope.  I used new SportMatch mounts for a 30mm tube but couldn’t get sufficient vertical adjustment out of a 10x SWFA scope. I then used a dropper mount with some 30mm Weaver mounts I had and it all worked. But, in my opinion, is ugly.  So that is why I want to try the FX No Limits mounts with a Hawke scope.  It is a one inch tube but a good scope.  I think I will be able to raise the rear mount enough to bring everything into harmony.


Here's a picture of the pins I  promised. I have some questions and possible solutions for you. Pm me for my phone number and I should be able to help you. If you want.

The FX adjustable mount on a springer will just create another fail point.   Why not just use an RWS lockdown mount?  It has droop built in and is a simple proven setup.


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