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Hoosier Daddy:
Hear Ye , Hear Ye...
The 2nd match of the season 2023 is now open!
Rules & Targets here .....

Due date for the scores and a scan of the target sheet for Match #2 is Sunday 5/14/2023

Please include the following info with your entry:
Call name or real name
PCP or Jumper class
Air rifle
Sighting system
Pellet and caliber
Position and/or shooting aid(s)

Shoot whenever you can, be safe and have fun!

I'm in!  ;D

Hoosier Daddy:

We need more!


--- Quote from: Hoosier Daddy on May 02, 2023, 07:32:22 PM ---"whew"

We need more!

--- End quote ---

I got one coming tonight, as long as momma keeps working her garden...  :o

Rifle:  Air Arms S510
.  PCP Class
.  Shot @ 30 yards
.  Rested F/R
.  Scope:  Hawke @ 12 Power
.  Pellet: .177 Diablo Field Heavy 10.3gr
.  Shot at the highest power setting (UNK FPS)
.  Score: 190/200 4X

Better than last week,  but still have work to do.  Enjoyed shooting today.


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