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Shout out to Mike Mellick at Flying Dragon.

I picked up a Sentry 705 HC Deluxe .25 from another member.
The gun was incomplete. I made a list of the missing parts and sent it to Mike.
Within a week the missing parts were in my mailbox.
I had previously ordered a new stock and a magazine from him for the same gun. Those arrived a few weeks ago.
Call Mike on weekday mornings from 9:00am and Noon CT and he usually answers. If not, shoot him an e-mail.
He's a one man show and gets a little busy ow and then but he will respond.
Thanks Mike.

Mike has always been first class with me whenever I have dealt with him. It would be great to meet him one day.

I've spoken with him on the phone so many times over the years that I feel like I do know him personally.

Mike has told me some things that you'd never hear from another dealer over the phone, he's definitely a straight shooter for sure 8)



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