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I had the chance to meet a couple of extraordinary gentlemen, both GTA members in SoCal.
@Mike Carter was wondering what he should do with a Red Ryder and while the suggestions of inventive ways of destroying it were abundant, I mentioned my nephews could use it. He kindly contacted me via PM and offered it to me. I told him I would love to take it and then we discussed ways of getting together. This man actually drove to my work place to deliver it, not only that but he also brought a Daisy 880, both rifles in pristine condition. I just wanted to say a public THAK YOU for your generosity.

@WildCJ5 was offering a QB78 in the PIF gate and I responded. I made the drive and met him at his home last night. The rifle is in pristine condition. He told me the rifle is not a tack driver but then again, my nephews are more interested in blasting Pepsi cans and less about accuracy. THANK YOU, Sir, for your generosity.


Nice ! The GTA gets better with the more people you meet face to face. I miss the Fun Shoots !


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