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Older Crosman 760. Need info please.

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Crosman only list stock materials as the difference between the 3 variants manufactured between 1971 and 1977. Given the millions of 760s sold over the years, would Crosman match mixed pieces just to sell 1 more of their most popular airguns? After almost 50 years we may never know for sure.


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--- Quote from: threesuns on March 24, 2023, 06:21:20 PM ---September 73 barrel band. April 74 clam shell. “O”ctober 74 clam shell. There are more than $25 worth of parts there.

Adjust the cup till the pump arm is about 3/4 inch from the tube when it just touches the valve, that should be just about rite for proper cam over. 

Enjoy 😃

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Thanks for the info.

So do you think the gun is all original? Or is it still a pieced together?

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Generally the serial number date codes aren't supposed to have started till July of 1975, but I have one that is definitely dated April of 75 with a 475 SN and 45 cap stamp.
I know for a fact the SN date codes started before the info on their site claims,  but I do not know just how early they started it.
I could turn up no examples online of a pre '75 gun with a definitive date code SN matching a pre '75 cap stamp.

This definitely has the correct solid styrene furniture and blued flat steel trigger for a '73 gun, I would say this is a September of 1973 gun and the receiver which is likely original just has a plain SN.
That's just my assessment,  but maybe somebody knows something I don't.

I do not know what to make of that 4 4 stamped on the side though,  it's a new one on me for sure.

 The 4 4 stamp could possibly be a Crosman warranty service date stamp ???

Didn’t think of that and could explain the other serial number too.

Quick Cal:
So what variant would this be considered?


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