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Coyote #6 - slug to the head

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After many multiple nights of failure, I finally got lucky and dropped this mangy coyote with my Impact shooting the H&N Gen2 25gr slug.

Footage might be a bit gruesome to watch as the coyote didn't die right away.  I had to do follow up shots to finish it.  I knew the first shot would have been enough as my previous coyotes hunt have all been head shots and they all died shortly.  Unfortunately, this one struggled a bit longer than I would like.

I did my job and the farmer was very happy the threat to his live stocks was eliminated for now.

Nice shot! That dog was bobbing and weaving. After its down and not dead the adrenalin really starts pumping making follow ups even harder, I get it. I've had e mangy animals in my yard this year not even 3 months deep. Are you seeing more mangy animals where you are?

@Tonycalves.  Thank you.  Ya it was frantic for sure.  There seems to be a few more sick coyotes in this area.  I am currently setting up at another location where the coyotes captured in the trail cam were bigger and healthier looking.  Hopefully I will get my opportunity again.

Great  video, really enjoyed it.  Thanks for sharing the hunt with us.   Good shooting sir  :)


@longislandhunter.  Thank you for watching.  My pleasure to share the experience with you all.  Cheers.


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