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My “Backpack Gun”

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So for a long time I’ve been contemplating the idea of a backpack gun. Recently Eberlestock had a sale which is rare so I picked up the S25. When it arrived along with my 5x30 immersive optics scope I thought the Talon P would make a great backpack candidate. Since it’s a short eye relief scope I was able to move the shoulder stock in and make it very compact and comfortable. To me a backpack gun is one you put in your pack without worry of POI shift from bumping around and there aren’t many out there so the Talon P got volunteered to live in the backyard. She’s a .25 shooting the 25.39 JSBs at 936 with 8 good shots with 27 ES from 2800 psi nothing done to it. I have the Donny FL Fatboy with the extension. What I don’t have pictured is a 500cc buddy bottle from the UK which I can put in here too and get a couple fills. Anyway thought I’d share this. Happy Friday

Nice setup!


--- Quote from: SwampHunter on March 24, 2023, 10:25:37 AM ---Nice setup!

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Thank you :)

I like the pellet holder. I need to get one for my 177 slugs.


--- Quote from: Spacebus on March 24, 2023, 11:16:26 AM ---I like the pellet holder. I need to get one for my 177 slugs.

--- End quote ---

That’s where I got although I don’t know if it’ll work for slugs


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