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5C Collet Rant

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Tony rants about collets:


--- Quote from: subscriber on March 19, 2023, 11:14:53 PM ---Tony rants about collets:

--- End quote ---

he does indeed!

Can you just use an emergency and bore it to the size you want?



--- Quote from: sb327 on March 20, 2023, 12:08:51 AM ---Can you just use an emergency and bore it to the size you want?


--- End quote ---

That's one way, I suppose.
It still drives me to drink that work holders do not come in the sizes of the material to be held...........
But aluminum round bars have tolerances that range from +.001 all the way up to +.007...... one ebay seller even says +.07"...I think NOT...
I can see that the alum rod would want to have a few thou oversize so that it will clean up at the stated diameter, but just not by being held in a collet...
I guess that's what jaw checks are all about..............

Sounds like you need a jacobs flex collet chuck.  Or just up the ante a bit and buy a W & S Chucker or #2 Turret Lathe since you seem to be in production mode.


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