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Very inexpensive scopes $30-$35

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3-12x44 AO & 2-7x32 AO SVBONY


I got the 3-12x44 AO on  Saturday. Had a hard time getting it dialed in and after trying a bit again on Sunday, I reset it to mechanical zero and started over and got it dialed in. Now to see how it works over the next few days.

Glass seems pretty clear, although the Monstrums glass is better.  I got the 2-7x32  AO Monstrum earlier last week after reading about it in the Optics Gate.

 It is a one purchase deal, I can still get 50% off the one I did not order, and only have full price on the one I have coming.

Aha! Thatís why it looked like the deal was back when I looked at it todayóI wasnít signed in.

Thanks for the insight!

 ;D I did some digging through the SVBONY store and bought the SV177 Hunting Rifle Scope 3-12x44 for under $40 with discount.

 Scope section link

Yep, thatís the one I got. $35 +tax


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