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New IL bill proposed directly against airguns

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I have just become aware of a bill HB2925 filed in the IL house by Representative Tipsword.  In IL, an FOID card is required for all airguns over .18 caliber. Rep Tipsword's bill would remove the "over .18" exception so all airguns would require an FOID card.   There are a million reasons why this is bad, but just the damage it would do to 4-H and JROTC programs makes one shiver.  This bill would be up for possible committee vote this week, so please file express your displeasure to Rep Tipsword and file a witness slip against the bill. 

There is the actual bill:

Here is Rep Tipsword's contact page:

Here is a link from another forum on how to create a witness slip opposing this bill:

Carry on!

I understand your concern, however it is too political for it to be on here.

I'm recommending this thread should be locked for admin review.

I'm confused.  I thought 0.18" and .18 caliber were the same thing.

Hey Roadworthy- yes they are the same.
Right now in Illinois there is an exception so 177 caliber airguns are not considered a firearms.
In Illinois, calibers over .18 and faster than 700fps are treated as firearms removing over the .18 exception means that 177 airguns would now be regulated as a firearm.

Mobilemail - thanks for spreading the word. All members of the airgun community need to stand together and support each other to protect the sport.

I respectfully disagree that this should be locked or removed.
I think that the intent of the "no political " rule is to stop political mud slinging. This is a civic matter, and it is worded as such.



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