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Off Season 10M Casual Match #8 Year 22/23

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Hoosier Daddy:
Come one, come all... Casual Match #8 of 2022/2023 is open for business.!!!

 The Casual Match is a fun match. Shoot whatever you want at 10M (more or less depending on what you have available), use any position or rest that you prefer. See below for the details.

Rules are the same as for the 50 Casual Match, except distance is 10M instead of 50, using the 50 target of choice.  If you are  limited to distance, shoot at whatever distance you have available. Classes are PCP Rifle (includes any rifle except spring or nitro pistons), Jumper (Piston Rifle, spring or gas), and Pistol. One entry may be made in each class.

The match #8 will run 2 weeks, through Sunday, 3/12/23.
The 50 rules and targets may be found at:

Please include the following information with your entry:

Call name or real name
PCP, Jumper or Pistol Class
Air rifle or Pistol used
Sighting system
Pellet and caliber
Shooting position and/or aid(s)
Pic of the target shot please

Had some free time today so I went to the basement and aired up my pest rifle to see if I still knew how to shoot a paper target(been awhile).

HMX 1000
Aeon 6-24X50
JSB 18.13 @ 935+/- fps
Front Rest, Rear Bag on a shaky table
Scored with an Eagle Eye
200/200 14X

Hoosier Daddy:
Welcome Back Marty!

Nice target!

Rifle:  Air Arms S510
.  PCP Class
.  Shot @ 10M
.  Rested F/R
.  Scope:  Hawke @12 power
.  Pellet: .177 RWS R10 Match 8.2 gr
.  Shot at lowest power setting (UNK FPS)
.  Score: 200 / 19X

Shoot well and enjoy!!   //Charlie

Hoosier Daddy:
Another nice one Charlie!

I have match #9 going now.


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