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Fx Radar Pocket Chronograph ?


 Just how good is this chronograph im not sure about a chronograph that
you have to tell it the projectile speed and weight etc being very accurate
what are your experiances and can you use it in a room in your house or
does it need distance to get a radar signal accuratly thanks

i will never part with mine lol

you dont have to tell it the speed,
you just tell it a speed range,
heres a picture of that section in the app so you get an understanding.

you could just download the app and look through it to get an idea also.

and putting in the pellet weight is optional,
its used for calculating fpe.

ive never used it in the house,
but have used it as close as 20 feet to a backstop.

nice thing about it is,
you can shoot groups and change positions while running shot strings,
because you dont have to hold the gun in just the right place as you would on a conventional style chrony.

plus you can chrony in the dark if you want to lol

I love mine Iíve used it in the house, garage, van, outdoorsÖ.bathtub lol. All Iíve noticed is it needs about 4 feet from the muzzle to back stop/ target . Itís very convenient to use and likes fresh batteries.

Thanks starlingassassin and gracious
mikecarter that one cracked me up lol


--- Quote from: FlyFisherMan101 on February 23, 2023, 05:27:56 PM ---Thanks starlingassassin and gracious
mikecarter that one cracked me up lol

--- End quote ---

No worries :) Iím very picky about my airgun gear and the FX has always performed very well you wonít regret it.


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