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FX Wildcat Mk III, .22 cal. w/ HN HP 25gr. slugs.
This range is 100M and I used my Nikon rangefinder to measure it @ 110 yds.from the front of th bench.

Question... would the target below be allowable. I actually shot significantly better groups on my 25yd. and 100M POI check targets prior to shooting for record. I believe because I was better able to see the aiming point. My color printer is not working so printing the colored target was not an option.

Strictly speaking, no, because the sticker could conceivably be covering up a shot or shots.... I would recommend that you just take a felt pen of highlighter and colour in the bull, that is allowed, provided you can still see the black rings.... That is what a lot of guys use the all white target for, it is cheaper to print, and then they colour in the bull or a ring....


Congratulations, I have added you as a Marksman.... Welcome to NUAH....


Thanks, understood.

Congrats Don.


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