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New Crosman 3677/22 PCP

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Interesting. The New Crosman 3677/22 looks like a Crosman 362. A PCP with the typical 22xx/13xx plastic breech? What? Not worthy of a metal breech at least? The description doesn’t look right either. Integrated sound suppression? Looks like your typical Crosman barrel with plastic front sight to me. Looks to me like Crosman is trying to set the record for cheapest PCP made. 🏆
I will say, if the picture is right, it looks better looking than those Icons at least.

Still have my Discovery .22 from 2007.


--- Quote from: crazyhorse1 on February 14, 2023, 08:51:44 AM ---Still have my Discovery .22 from 2007.

--- End quote ---

I still have a Disco too. Fun no thrills rifle. I like how light they are.

Robert 5mm:
Like you said - if the picture is correct
Listing description and picture do not agree ( Pit rail and suppressor )

I would be interested in one of each caliber.

for a buck and a quarter might be worth a try


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