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Boerne (TX) Field Target Club Match Feb 18, 2023


Hello fellow shooters! Announcing our next matches and some club news..

Each month we will be offering additional matches in varying disciplines, with some becoming a regular monthly event.

BFTC February 18 2023 Schedule

General Info:
Address: 33 Shooting Club Road Boerne, TX 78006
Cost: $20/shooter per match, waived for first time shooters!
Water, snacks and air will be available.

As always, new shooters shoot for free and observers are always welcomed! So if you are new to Field Target or just want to see what the fuss is about, come on out!

Weather outlook: 54 high, 41 ( but this is Texas so…)

MATCH 1 of 2
Date: Saturday, February 18th 2023
Time: Gates open at 8 am , 9 am Safety Meeting/Match Start

*9am-12:30pm sight in range will be closed.
Sight in for Pistol MAY re-open earlier than 12:30pm but only at the MD’s discretion. FOR SAFETY REASONS, no shooting will be allowed on the sight in range between commencement of the rifle match and pistol match.

Match 2 of 2
“Not-calling-it-textreme-pistol” 20 fpe Pistol
*Sight-In: 12:30pm*
Match Start: 1pm*
This is a breakout event for BFTC and will follow the TexTreme Pistol ruleset except yardages will not be given.

For more information, questions or info, please contact

Hope to see you there!

Club News:
Cigarman has been the club’s MD for many years and has decided to hand off the MD position. I gladly accepted the offer and having been his shadow for a couple of years now I think I can tackle the task. Truly an honor to do so. Huge hat tip to Cigarman for all his hard work and dedication to the club, could not be where we are today without you!

This year has a bunch of other firsts for BFTC. To start with, we have our first sponsor, Pyramyd Air, opening the doors for vital club resources and promotions. Their generous support, combined with PelletGauge and some local businesses has allowed us to expand into more events, awards matches and more. We are adding AAFTA Pistol, 20 fpe Pistol ( textreme rules) and bench rest competitions to the lineup for 2023, aiming to give airgunners a day of shooting at the club for a few disciplines and a range of energy levels. Cannot thank PA and PelletGauge enough!

The club website will be going dark for about week starting today but will relaunch with a completely new look and feel AND with a sister site! Been a long time coming and I’ve been touting it for some time now, so bear with me a bit longer. Match registration and event signups online are in the works as well as a members area. The newest live addition is the club’s newsletter and match analysis reports. Given the way I fubar’d the original site, the archived match results and pics will be added back in as the year progresses. This is actually a blessing in disguise as it allows the data to be cleaned up and normalized. When completed, the database will be available for members to track and analyze their scores and our course designer will have some great metrics to work with.

Targets are being painted AWAY from the solid grey. I appreciate the feedback, multi colored/detailed targets are returning for normal matches.
Lane markers will be slowly upgraded, starting with Lane 1 this month. Lane marker signs are also coming! Lane 1 will be the showcase for both marler and signage.

As an added service to shooters, the BFTC will have a chrony setup for all to use.

Wind flags! Yep, we have three MTM flags now for the sight in range!! Whoo-hoo!!

Club merch - working on embroidered shirts for club members. Heard some complaints about the t-shirt printer, let me know if your order was not right or needs to be changed or returned.

Membership perks-
Working on member discounts at SA Scuba Shack for 4500psi fills and reduced 100yd range fees at Mission Ridge Range Range. Proshop Paintball is also a BFTC friend as well.

Thanks to all and hope to see you on the course! -SqrlHntr


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