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Benjamin Underrated Airbow ?

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 300 fps with a 400 gr bolt + 125 gr head.

Nomadic Pirate:

--- Quote from: K.O. on November 18, 2023, 05:29:45 PM ---well multi ammo is great but do not think I will bother with the Arrow module for my Hydra... 220 fps with 370g bolts is about at a minimum 40 fps to slow for my taste...

Heck, back in the old days I felt my 70 lb Browning Summit II was a bit to slow and even with an overdraw was only about a 35 yard deer bow... was using heavy 2219s tho... so yeah what is the minimum acceptable as you guys see it..?

--- End quote ---

My Longbows shoot in the 160-170 fps with arrows in the 10gr per pound,...but tat is a totally different kind of shooting, with an Airgun I like speed so I can zero the gun with heavy lead and have my POI pretty much on target with the arrows, loved the REX .357 that was shooting a -/+ 400gr at 500 fps....and that with the right broadhead is absolutely devastating.


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