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What's the most powerful Multi-pump stock and modified?

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What's the most powerful Multi-pump stock and modified?

I have limited experience with Crossman but have restored a few for friends and family mainly Benjamin 397s.  I have been tinkering with the Daisy/Winchester 1977 for the last few years and it makes 14 FPE stock and I've achieved 25 FPE with an over pumped 22 cal. modified 1977.  I'm currently working on a 25 cal. conversion for the 1977 and I'm going to try to get 30 FPE from that gun.  I think that will be the most that can be achieved with the Daisy pumpers.  The 1977 can be found for $80 and the FX barrels run $110 so not counting time and effort a 25-30 FPE 1977 can be built for $200 buying all new.  What's the other side of the street doing?

Look up rsterne's Millennium Pumper.

I have heard of some Benjamin and Sheridan pumpers being "steroid tuned" to be overpumped to what I regard as mind-boggling numbers.

Finally, look up something called the Sharp Ace. I think it's a Japanese gun that is pretty rare over here but is considered to be a truly deluxe multipump on the order of the original Sheridan Supergrades.

Not sure in stock form which is the most powerful. Most leave alot of room for improvement.
The 392PA in modified form could be the most powerful of non custom rifles.
I had one that was 39 fpe and tested to 45 fpe.
I say had one because I cut the barrel off to convert it to a .25 caliber.
I think the crosman 362 could be modified to 30 fpe or so .
I have one at 25 fpe with 14 pumps.
Probably take 20 pumps to get there.
I usually just pump enough to get 20 or 25 fpe for my uses. Good to have more power on tap though.



--- Quote from: Psipumper on January 30, 2023, 06:57:53 PM ---I have one at 25 fpe with 14 pumps.

--- End quote ---

That seems very efficient at nearly 1.8 fpe/pump at pump #14!  My 392 is 1.9 fpe/pump at pump #9 with 14.3gr pellets.  I do most of my shooting at 3 - 5 pumps with light pellets and that yields 2.8 - 2.5 fpe/pump respectively.  My 392 is modified with mac1 adjustable piston, some porting work, and the valve is packed. 

Charles is one of the pumper masters around here for sure. 

Current production the Dragonfly can be woke up with a bit of porting and a shortened hammer spring. I plan on testing this theory soon myself.


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