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Tuning AEA challenger, .30 caliber

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bear air:
Following. I'm contemplating installing a huma reg in mine.

 With just a hammer spring adjuster, one can change the tune from wild to mild with a few turns, no messing with regulator adjustments. Yes les shots per fill, but less fuss if you want flexibility.
 The rear plugs on these can be drilled to make it into an adjuster BTW.

Well. I did it....I got the bintac regulator,  and was so exited I didn't take any pictures or videos,  but let me tell you,  I'm impressed! while I haven't paid close attention to shot count. I know I've put at least 25 to 30 shots through it, and I'm just below 2500 psi.  I started at about 3700, and what's amazing is the groups seem to have shrunk.....a lot! There also seems to be less sensitivity to different projectiles! More coming as I get more testing done.

Great to hear it worked!  Ive taken a bit of a hiatus from my Challenger but recently back at it and considering getting a regulator as well.  Im not in it for shot count but consistency over just a handful of high power shots for accuracy.  What are you feeding it and any idea how high you can set the reg?  Thanks!

I've got three projectiles I'm running with,  44.5 hades,  44.5 predators,  and,  of all things, .311 lead balls! The groups definitely shrunk,  and the shot count more than doubled. Power wise, it'll still consistently go through a 2 x 4, and it's quieter, partly because of the depinger, but the regulator has an effect,  too.


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