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Webley Osprey

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I believe I will be picking one up in about a week.  At first I wasn't sure it would be something that interested me but when I handled it, I knew I would make an offer.   A little odd but I like odd.   

Has piston rings instead of a regular seal. Not seen since the Mk1 and Mk2 rifles I believe. Modest power for the size. I'd like to see one with the Deluxe walnut stock.
Osprey replaced the Webley Mk3 that was getting very long in the tooth since it was basically a copy of a prewar 1919 BSA light pattern with a full stock. Except Webley put the loading tap on the wrong side. The Osprey has the tap back on the right side, which is in fact on the left side where it should be.
Neat gun. Hope you like it.

The metal is quite nicely finished, the stock could use some cleaning.   It doesn't look like it was used much.   I hope it all works OK.   I'll post some pics when I pick it up.

I have the Supertarget versions. Very nice rifles indeed

Cleaned it up and it looks pretty nice.  Tiny scrape on the stock.  Really pleased with it.   I like the funky operation a lot.  I might install some kind of optic as the open sights are tough for an old guy.  Trigger is not great but I can live with it.   Maybe I'll open it up some day and see if the trigger can be improved a bit.


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