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100 Yard Submission .357

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El Barto:
Ever since I first learned about NUAH, around 5 years ago, I was very interested in becoming a member.  I've been shooting airguns for over 40 years and always found long distance shooting to be very intriguing.  After a few failed attempts over the years with various airguns, I decided to give a try with one of my recent airgun builds - a custom .357 rifle loosely built around the Marauder platform.

I was pleasantly surprised to put 3 shots within the 4 MOA ring on my second attempt today!  The distance was 104 yards as shown by my Tack-Life laser range-finder.  This was a spontaneous, last minute trip out to the desert that I made specifically for this attempt.  I know there is a lot more to be had from this rifle, as I have shot bottles and cans with it from 160-200 yards and it is very accurate out to those ranges.  I plan on going for the 200 yard membership when time permits.

Please accept the following as my submission.  Thank you.

Great shooting Brian. I am however, unfamiliar with this NUAH?

Apologies,  I just realised there's an entire gate devoted to the topic ;) I will now educate myself!

Congratulations, Brian, you are the first new member of NUAH for 2023.... Welcome, I have added you to the list!....


El Barto:
Thank you, Josh and Bob!  Happy New Year!!

I am looking forward to trying to improve my division and/or increase my distance.



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