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What gives? ME? or.....

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Always wanted a TAU 200 co2.


--- Quote from: Hoosier Daddy on October 02, 2022, 08:19:46 AM ---I wanted one of those VERY BADLY but my search for one lead me to my AA S400 SL.   ::)

--- End quote ---

I’d pretty much stopped looking for guns to buy then found this beauty on AGN classifieds. Now if I see a Mike M tuned R7 I’ll be done ‘collecting’.
Well, except for a custom shop CO2 gun maybe…

Not you...  :-\
Started off this spring with high hopes, printed off a stack of targets, got started on the 30-yd. rested match; things got busy-then a trigger spring in my 350 broke, and I realized that there was a whole lot more going on-so did a full rebuild...
Still haven't had time to fully test it after the rebuild, been busy, busy, busy! around here....  :P

Yes.... My Father and I both would love to keep shooting.   We're both wishing there were more competitors though.  It's a fun hobby and we both enjoy the time together. Hope more people will join in.

Just moved my trap back inside the shop and sighted in the chasers so I'm ready for the informal 10 yard again.


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