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Crosman M4-177


Ole Coyote:
So, OK, Why not?
I was very surprised that this little gun had not been reviewed before. I bought mine used, on Ebay, and paid way too much. They are available on Amazon for about what I paid for an incomplete kit on Ebay... So, this is a pretty cool looking gun, but is there anything beyond the cool factor?

This is a multi-pump, bolt action, BB/Pellet rifle. Yes, the barrel is rifled. Pellets are fired from a 5 shot magazine that is manually advanced. BB's are bulk loaded and then staged to an 18 shot magazine for automatic feeding on bolt operation. To be perfectly honest, I find the pellet magazine to be too fiddly, and since I just bought this as a plinker, I have been all in on the convenience of BB's.

My gun came missing the rear sight. From what I am given to understand, the Crosman sight was not worth having anyway.  I had a cheap, AR15 flip up sight. It was a challenge to install,  but once I got it on, it perfectly lined up with the front sight and stays zeroed, so that's a win. I also had a cheap red dot that was unsuitable for my powder burner, that co-witnesses with the iron sights and also holds zero on this gun. The rail may be a "Weaver Rail", but it was a little too wide for the 1913 sight. As I said, I did manage to get it mounted.

 For plinking out to about 15 yards I find BB's to be plenty accurate. Since I did not receive a manual with the gun, I do not know what the recommended maximum number of pumps is, but I can't pump it more than 6 times. I have not taken the opportunity to chrony it, but at 6 pumps it puts a BB clean through a soda can at 10 yards and keeps going.

Ultimately, this is a dressed up Pumpmaster 760, but would you take her dinner?
This is just a fun plinker, and since I got it, it has become my favorite plinker, overtaking my former goto plinker, my Daisy 880. This gun is a lot of fun. I have never before owned a dedicated BB gun, but this has changed my mind on just how much fun a BB gun can be.

There is lot of plastic here, but it feels durable. I expect lots of fun shooting out of this gun, and don't feel so bad that I paid more for it than I could have.

(The gun on Amazon comes with the old style, carry handle sight. I have not seen or heard about the efficacy of this sight.)

Nice, thanks for sharing.  I had contemplated picking up one as well, but I couldn't really see what this would do for me above & beyond what my existing Daisy 856 plinker would do.  I do like the cosmetics (mimicking an AR platform), that part is nice.  Glad to hear you like yours!


Ole Coyote:
I actually bought mine, based on the aesthetics. I liked the look of the gun. I nearly bought one when they first came out, about 4 years ago. I had waffled back and forth, over them every time I went to Tractor Supply, and by the time I decided, yeah, go for it, they were gone and no more came in.

Ole Coyote:
After writing this review through bleary eyes as Ian was raging around my house, I realized I felt I had cheated you guys by not including images of my gun in the review. Well, it's time to correct that oversight on my part...


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