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Hajimoto's new video series announcement



Just a teaser of a new series I have in development for 2022.
I call it NIGHT OPS and all shots and video will be captured using night vision equipment including but not limited to Infrared and thermal systems.

Enjoy the teaser and keep an eye out for full Night Ops Sessions

Rat Sniper (AKA: PaulT58):
Awesomeness!  I have been using NV for a while now and just recently picked up a thermal scope, so Iím very interested in this new series! 

 Yup me too thermal is next on my list.  8)

I may have to get my Armasight Zeus out of mothballs! ;D  Just wish I hadn't pinched the cord on the miniDVR recorder that I bought for it. 

Question, how will we know if you actually took the video at night when using the thermal?  LOL

Thermals actually work day or night time!


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