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Updated DonnyFL Ronin .30 Moderator review



I finally did an updated DonnyFL Ronin review video in .30 cal platform. The results speak for themselves!

Enjoy the experience and see how the accuracy :)

DB readings were as follows: Control group: 82,1db 82,3db 82,4db 82,7db 82,7db avg = 82,44db
DonnyFL Ronin: 79,3db 78,9db 79,3db 79,0db 79,1db avg = 79,12db
Accuracy: Control group: 0.635" = 1.212moa
DonnyFL Ronin: 0.443"= 0.847moa

Wish they were cheaper.

Haha! I would hope so too, but man they are good quality :)


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