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It is with deep sorrow


That I inform GTA KOREAN FORUM that a person that I hold in high esteem and, one of the few people in this world that called me (and I called him)  "friend"....My good friend WILL PIATT has passed away suddenly last Thursday and, I am in total disbelief...I am shocked and saddened by this. I can say this with conviction that Will was a great Husband and Father....he also had an unflinching love for God....
Which is the only comfort that I find in all of this...that I'll see him again by and by...

We lost the guru of Korean tunes...Everything I own has his fingerprints on it...

Will did things for me that only a friend would do...when I'd ask, "what do I owe ya?", he'd nonchalantly reply with a smile, "just make a contribution to your church." And that's exactly what I'd his name too...
It was a great relationship...Will, is truly missed...

 God bless the Piatt family!!

Sad indeed. Will did nice work and was a pleasure to talk to. He is going to be missed in this community. My condolences to his friends and family.

RIP Will

 :o :o :o

I have two rifles with his handiwork written on them. So sad to hear of his passing.  :(

Rest in peace, Mr. Piatt...and thank you for the work you've done.

I learned of Will's passing just a couple of months ago. His work was amazing and always such a pleasure to work with him. It truly is a sad year for us in the airgun community as we lost a great person. Rest in peace Will! May God continue to bless your soul.


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