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***Results Added*** 100 Yard Air Rifle Monthly Match #4 - June 2022

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Which is it, 1.655" or 1.544" ???

Please remember to post your Division, so I don't have to look it up....


Great shooting Jari!

Honestly haven't shot 100 yards since last month and the wooded area I shoot into has all grown in... :(

I'll clear things out and get some lighting set up for the target post so I can get back into it next month (when its cool and calm) at night. Surprised more folks haven't joined in, but June & July can be busy months.

I've been gunning for Master, but haven't quite made it.  Lots of 48's.  Sooo...the target I shot back on the 6th that got me Expert is my best scoring so far. 

I am sussing out scope issues, vertical stringing/non-existent velocity issues, loose stock screw issues...running out of magic pellet issues...oh boy these .22 tins with only 250 pellets go FAST!  Wasting lots of paper, too -- first shot into the 9 or worse and I scrap it (if I think I'm zeroed.)  Hopefully less learning/fixing and more fun just shooting in July! :)

Name - TorqueMaster
NUAH Division - 100 yd Expert
Airgun - AV Avenger
Caliber - .22
Sights - Tasco 6-24x40 (16x I think)
Pellet/Bullet - AirArims Diabolo Field Heavy 18gr
Position - Bench, F&R bags
Score and Group Size - 49-3x, 1.25" 1.19" ctc
 - Wind 0-2mph from 9 o'clock


--- Quote from: rsterne on June 30, 2022, 06:35:28 PM ---Which is it, 1.655" or 1.544" ???

Please remember to post your Division, so I don't have to look it up....


--- End quote ---
1.655.. typo
That was not ment submission.

But here

Shooting Date: 6-30-22
Shooter: Jari - ( FastJ )
Distance: 100 yd
Gun: Altaros M24 .22
Optics: Vector 32x
Ammo: Atp .22 40gr
Wind: gusty
Group: 1.655 50/50
Position: Bench Rest seated sand bag
Division = Master


--- Quote from: rsterne on June 01, 2022, 02:03:07 AM ---Welcome to the 4th 100 yard Monthly Match of 2022.

TorqueMaster.... Expert.... .22 cal.... 48/50, 2X.... 1.19" (Note, shots on the line count the LOWER score)

--- End quote ---

Nuts.  Ok, I probably saw that rule, but got mixed up and used the 50 foot and 30 yard rules.  Or the NUAH qualification rules...  Thanks, I'll score differently next time.


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