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Nova Freedom/Seneca Aspen bottle adapter

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Looking for the threads to the below adapter on my Nova Freedom so I can have a bottle adapter made. My check valve seal went bad and my rifle won't pump. I'm ready to bottle it but I can't find a decent priced adapter anywhere. Can anyone make one for me? Don't care about a plenum yet but it seems that the existing burst disc could be a great place for a screw in plenum instead of the small pinned tube above the pump. Thinking I'll just shorten the small reservoir and plug and play. I drew out my best guess.

Madd Hatter:
Had the same thing happen to my Aspen. To bad Duy isn't taking orders right now.

Do you know anyone who happens to be making just the M16x1.0 asa adapter?


--- Quote from: Cajunhoss87 on November 26, 2022, 03:45:56 PM ---Do you know anyone who happens to be making just the M16x1.0 asa adapter?

--- End quote ---
Have you tried Best Fittings (K) or Joe Brancato Air Tanks for Sale

Hopefully a member with the ability to make one for you will chime in.

If that happens, please share the contact info.
I need an adapter 
Male M20.5 x 1 to Male M18x1. 5

Good luck

Can anyone confirm the threads foing itno the receiver on the Seneca Aspen/ Nova Freedom input adapter?


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